Australia’s Homegrown Luxury

  • Tasmanian Blackwood has the same richness in quality and warm tones as other premium timbers, but is more readily available and cost effective, making it an affordable homegrown luxury.

    Boasting a deep grain and a variety of hues ranging from light golden to deep brown occasionally showing black streaks, the timber radiates a subtle beauty that aligns with contemporary Australian design.

    Tasmanian Blackwood is highly resilient, yet easy to work with.

  • Renowned for its stability, it is a versatile timber that is experiencing a growing demand for a range of commercial and residential applications including flooring, paneling, joinery and features.

    Tasmanian Blackwood is sustainably sourced from PEFC certified temperate forests of the north-west region of the state.

About Tasmanian Blackwood

  • Heartwood golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour indicative of the growth rings. Sometimes reddish streaks are also present. Grain usually straight but sometimes wavy, producing a fiddleback figure. Acacia Melanoxylon, also known as Blackwood, Black Wattle.

  • Applications
    Technical Information

Tasmanian Blackwood Species Data Sheet Tasmanian Blackwood Flooring Brochure

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